American Sign Language (1st Grade) Tuesdays

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  • Enhance or begin to build your skills with one of the most widely used languages in America. Work with Amanda to build on or learn American Sign Language and start communicating in a whole new way.

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1. No student will be accepted into classes after the registration closes. 
2. Refunds will not be made to students who withdraw after the class has begun. 
3. Classes are self-supporting. If there is insufficient enrollment to meet the teacher’s fee, the class may be cancelled. Class fees will be refunded by check if a class is cancelled and a student does not get into their 2nd choice. 
4. The classes will meet on the dates noted. In the event school is cancelled, there will be no After School Enrichment. A make-up day will be scheduled and parents will be notified. 
6. If your child attends Maple Dale’s “Champions” after school care program and you would like them to go there at 5 pm, please indicate this when registering. 
7. If your child is in attendance at school all day, but will not be attending the ASE class, you must email ([email protected]) or call Ann Marie Reinke at 513-686-1720 (work). In the event, you can’t contact Ann Marie, you may call the Maple Dale School Office. However, this is a PTO volunteer run program, and the Office staff may not be able to relay the message immediately. 
8. Parents are responsible for transportation home following the classes. In the event a parent is more than 10 minutes late picking up their child, a service fee of $25 may be charged to compensate the teacher. If a child is picked up late a second time, the child will be dismissed from the class. Refunds will not be given to students who have been dismissed for this reason. 
9. Students who do not follow appropriate school behavior guidelines may be dropped from ASE. Refunds will not be given to students who have been dismissed for disciplinary reasons. 
10. If your child has any food allergies or other medication conditions, please note these items on the registration form. The children will be eating snack at a table with the ASE class students. You are welcome to send snacks from home for your child. 
11. If your child has the assistance of an aide during regular school hours, please note this on the registration form. If it is determined that the student will need an aide during ASE classes, it is the responsibility of the parents/guardian to provide an adult aide